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Feb 3rd 2023


Best out of 5 Sets


Andres Manrique (2050 SLCTT Rating)

Carlos Gallego (2039 SLCTT Rating)


Andres Manrique

SLCTT Rating Results

PlayerPre SLCTT RatingPost SLCTT RatingPoints
Daniel Lukic222122210
Andres Manrique20502058+8
Carlos Gallego20392031-8
Antonio Aragon17431758+15
Brano Lukic17531751-2
Adam Davis17101697-13
Scott Hunter16921695+3
Viorel Onofrei15921600+8
Huixiang Zhang15991598-1
Wayne Griffin15741578+4
Blake Fogle15691559-10
Travis Gobeille14781476-2
Leo Epstein13091307-2
Neil Mahoney12391209-30
Remi Barron115611560
Patricia Johansen10821112+30
Sidharth Mahajan10801084+4
Anirudh Mahajan10511055+4
Andrew Cox992988-4
Cody Storch9789780
Michael Otterstrom950946-4


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