Welcome to

Salt Lake City
Table Tennis

For over a decade, Salt Lake City Table Tennis has been Northern Utah’s premiere table tennis facility. We recently upgraded the club and moved in to our new 6500 sq ft facility, located at 382 W. Van Buren Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84115. Our welcoming, family friendly atmosphere includes 8 Butterfly Centrefold 25 Tables, a VIP lounge area that’s perfect for watching all the action or letting the kids relax and watch TV, spacious locker rooms and even a full pool room.

Come for open play, weekly round robins, tournaments or any of our local community events. We also provide private one on one professional coaching for players of all levels. Prefer to be part of a group? Great! Come sharpen your skills at any of our 4 weekly group lessons. We’re proud to be the hub of Salt Lake City’s table tennis community, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

How It Works

We are always open for our members with our keycard system. The best times to come are after 6PM on weekdays. Weekends are typically slow between 3:30PM to 6PM. We have round robin tournaments twice a week, with doubles on Wednesdays at 7PM and singles on Fridays at 7PM.

Come On In!

Once inside, fill out a liability waiver and make a payment. To fill out a liability waiver, access the iPad on the wall by pushing the home button twice. Choose the icon labeled “Liability Waiver” and answers the questions presented. After filling out your liability waiver it’s time to make a payment.

Now it’s time to play!

During open play if you are looking for someone to play, challenge a table. Challenges are made by placing your paddle or paddle case beneath the table you want to challenge. If there are other paddles beneath the table you will be in line and will be up to play after the other challengers. Only one challenge can be made at a time, if a challenger starts a game on another table the previous challenge will be void.

Open play matches go best of 5 games, games to 11 points and follow the ITTF rules.

Upcoming Events

Weekly Doubles
Round Robin

Wednesday Nights
At 7PM

 Weekly Singles
Round Robin

Friday Nights
At 7PM

Weekly Group Lesson

Saturdays Mornings

At 10:00 AM