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SLCTT  is open for business. Come on over and up your game!

We have a 6500 sq ft facility located at 382 W. Van Buren Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Enjoy our six Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table, great people and an amazing atmosphere. Come for open play, weekly round robins, tournaments and Coaching. We provide private coaching with a number of skilled coaches for players of all levels. Sharpen your skills at one or all of our four weekly group lessons. We are very excited to offer these services to the people of Salt Lake City and to all of Utah. We know you will enjoy your time with us.

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How it works

We are always open for our members with our keycard system. But the best times to come are after 6:00 pm on weekdays. Weekends are slow between 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm. We have weekly round robins on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm and Sundays at 6:00 pm.

Not a member? No problem, walk-ins are always welcome. Just knock on the door and someone will open the door and let you in. If no one is at the club, call 801-886-1415 and we can open the door remotely. To ensure access during non peak times a reservation is encouraged. Reservations can be made by calling 801-886-1415.

Once inside, fill out a liability waver and make a payment. To fill out a liability waiver, access the iPad on the wall by pushing the home button twice. Choose the icon labeled “Liability Waiver” and answers the questions presented. After filling out your liability waiver it’s time to make a payment.

Cash payment: place the payment in an envelope labeled with, your name the date and what the payment is for then place the envelope in the envelope slot next to the iPad.

Venmo payment: scan our Venmo QR code

PayPal payment: scan PayPal QR code

Card payment: on the iPad by the entrance to the club go to the homepage and choose the icon labeled “Square”. Enter the amount and click the charge button. Then swipe your card using the white card reader attached to the iPad. You will see a processing page and them a sale complete page if the card was successful. If the screen remains on the charge screen it wasn’t successful. 

Now it’s time to play! During open play if you are looking for someone to play, challenge a table. Challenges are made by placing your paddle or paddle case beneath the table you want to challenge. If there are other paddles beneath the table you will be in line and will be up to play after the other challengers. Only one challenge can be made at a time, if a challenger starts a game on another table the previous challenge will be void.

Open play matches go best of 5 games, games to 11 points and follow the ITTF rules.

Why I play table tennis


Warm and friendly people. The players are from all levels. From beginners to professional. You can get great coaching from $15 to $100 an hour. $40 a month gets you unlimited access to the facilities.
I’ve been a member since it opened in 2011 and have spent countless hours there. The people there are great and the competition is amazing. Best place in Utah to improve your skills.
Best club in America, and I’m talking about the quality + the people that go there. Miss you guys terribly!
Great place to find great players in Utah. Good quality tables and friendly enviroment.

Our Blog

2nd Annual Alzheimer’s Fundraiser

Thank you for all that participated and help us raise funds for finding the cure for Alzheimer's! Congratulations to our winners! A Division Winners 1st Alex Qi 2nd Fernando Calderoni 3rd Justin Dong B Division Winners...

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Bring Belle Home Table Tennis Fundraiser

We raised $1400 for Belle's adoption! Thank you, to all that donated.   Congratulations to our winners! A Division Winners 1st Alex Qi 2nd Tan Phung 3rd Bao Hoang B Division Winners 1st Sudhakar Namasivayam 2nd Gordon Gridley...

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Our keycard entry system gives our members 24/7 access.

Non-members can call to schedule a time or arrive after 5:30 PM and knock on the door for entry.

Weekly Round Robin Tournaments
Wed 6:30PM, $5 for SLCTT Members
and $10 for Non-Members.