Utah Fall Open November 19, 2016


Results – Open RR:

Division A
1st place: Daniel Lukic
2nd place Ruslan Riabokoniev
3rd place: Chris Leon

Division B
1st place: Leon
2nd place: Justin Dong
3rd place: Jenny Bravo and Adam Davis

Division C
1st place: Viorel Onofrei
2nd place: Li Dong
3rd place: Arun Thumma and Holly Ross

Under 1750:
1st place: Sami Kergaye
2nd place: Adams Davis
3rd place: Walter and Jenny Bravo

Under 4200 Double:
1st place: Ruslan Riabokoniev/ Alex Qi
2nd place: Ron Mills/ Dales Majors
3rd place: Peter Diamandis/ Adam Davis

Keep Fun!

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