World Table Tennis Day

2023 World Table Tennis Day Tournament

Are you the king of the paddle, do your friends bow before your pong skills? It’s time to come out of the basement or garage and put your skills to the test! Celebrate World Table Tennis Day with us at our FREE tournament for all you recreational players out there.

1st Place $50 or one month SLCTT Membership ($75 value)
2nd Place $30 or $50 in SLCTT table tennis swag (chose anything from our shop, balls, paddle, clothes etc)
3rd Place $20 or 3 day passes to use whenever you have the urge for pong ($45 value)

Registration deadline: April 20th 2023

Start time: April 23rd at 10am (end time will very depending on the number of participants and formate of the tournament. Count on at less 3 hours)

Venue: 382 West Van Buren Ave.
SLC Utah 84115

The event will be held on 8 Butterfly tables using the Nittaku 3-Star PREMIUM 40+ Balls. ITTF table tennis rules will apply ittf handbook

See Registered Players: Here (May take up to 24 hours to update)

Play will start at 10am on April 23rd, arrive at least 15 minutes early to check in.

The formate will be determined by the number of participants. All matches will be 3 out 5 games. Games will be to 11 points, 2 serves each, must win by 2 points.

40 or less participants
Round Robin Format: Groups of 4 to 5 players will play each other. Players will keep playing until they play everyone in their group, win or less. The top player(s) from each round robin will advance to a single elimination bracket. Once in the bracket, player will play until they lose or face off in the finals.

41 to 64 participates
Double elimination bracket: Everyone will start in the Winners Bracket and play until they lose. Once they lose they will drop down to the Losers Bracket and keep playing until they lose a second time. After a second loss they are out of the tournament. The player that wins the Losers Bracket will play in the finals with the winner of the Winners Bracket. Finals will be one match takes all.

65+ participates
Single elimination bracket: Everyone will be placed in a bracket and play until they lose or make it all the way to the finals. Once a player loses they are out of the tournament.

*Participants that are later than 15 minutes passed the 10:00 am start time will be disqualified. Accommodations can be made if participants contact SLCTT ( or 801-886-1415) in advance. If you registered but cant make it please let us know so we can remove you.

Come Warm up early. Doors will open at 9am.