Round Robin Events

All round robin events will be groups of 5 player/teams with a max of 32 players/teams. The groups are seeded by SLCTT rating made up with high to low level players/teams. If a player does not have a rating an estimated rating will be given for seeding. All matches will be 3 out 5 game. Game will be played to 11 points must win by 2 points. All players/teams will play everyone in their group win or loss. Top two from each group will move to a single elimination bracket.

1st Place $50 or one month SLCTT Membership ($75 value)
2nd Place $30 or $50 in SLCTT table tennis swag (chose anything from our shop, balls, paddle, clothes etc)
3rd Place $20 or 3 day passes to use whenever you have the urge for pong  ($45 value)

Cost: $5 a person Non-Members will need to pay for a day pass

Where: Salt Lake City Table Tennis

382 W. Van Buren, SLC, UT 84115

Open Event

The Open is to all levels and normally has the highest level players in it.

U1800 Event

This event is open to intermediate and lower players. No experts but still will have high level players.

U1500 Event

This event is open to intermediate and recreational players. No high level players.

U3600 Doubles Event

This event is open to level players. Teams must be under 3600 combined rating.

Handicap Event

This event is open to all levels. Each player will be given a handicap to level the playing field and make matches more competitive.

Doubles Scramble Event

This event is open to all levels. Each player will team up with one of the other players in their group for a one game match then rotate partners. Each match will be played with a different team matchup, until everyone has played a match with everyone in their group. The two players with the most wins will move onto the single elimination bracket. The bracket will be a random draw for teams. Each round the players that win will redraw for teams for the next round.