2024 Spring Open

Blue Planet Red Spring Open Table Tennis Open Tournament

Join us for an out of this world table tennis tournament on March 23rd & 24th, hosted at the Salt Lake City Table Tennis Club and sponsored by blueplanetred.net and Vertical Diner.
Registration deadline: March 18th, 2024 ($5 late fee will be applied to late registrations)
The event will be held on 8 Butterfly tables using the Nittaku 3-Star PREMIUM 40+ Balls. ITTF table tennis rules will apply ITTF Handbook
*Rating eligibility will be based on the current rating on day of registration
See Registered Players: HERE (May take up to 24 hours to update)
Need assistance or have questions call or text 801-899-9144 or email us at tabletennisutah@gmail.com


All events will be discounted by $5 each to SLCTT Members!


Saturday the 23rd Events:

Open Championship (Expert/Competitive/Recreational)
Time: Saturday 23rd 11:00 am
Entry Fee: $35
Max Players: 35
Prizes: 1st $250, 2nd $150, 3rd $75
Women’s Championship (Expert/Competitive/Recreational)
Time: Saturday 23rd 5:00 pm
Entry Fee: $20
Max Players: 35
Prizes: 1st $100, 2nd $50, 3rd Prize/Award
Youth Championship (Birth Date on or after 03/23/2006) (Expert/Competitive/Recreational)
Time: Saturday 23rd 8:30 am
Entry Fee: $20
Max Players: 40
Prizes: 1st $150, 2nd $50, 3rd Prize/Award
U4000 Doubles (Expert/Competitive/Recreational)
Time: Saturday 23rd 3:00 pm
Entry Fee: $20 (per player)
Max Teams: 14
Prizes: 1st $150, 2nd $60, 3rd Prize/Award

Sunday 24th Events

Two Person Team Championship (Expert/Competitive/Recreational)
Time: Sunday 24th 9:00 am
Entry Fee: $60
Max Teams: 14
Prizes: Group A: 1st $100, 2nd $50, 3rd Prize/Award Group B: 1st 2nd & 3Prizes / Awards
Over 40 Championship (Expert/Competitive/Recreational)
Time: Sunday 24th 4:30 pm
Entry Fee: $20
Max Players: 35
Prizes: 1st $100, 2nd $50, 3rd Prize/Award
Novice Championship (Recreational)
Time: Sunday 24th 6:30 pm
Entry Fee: $15
Max Players: 40
Prizes: 1st Prize/Award, 2nd Prize/Award, 3rd Prize/Award
*Participants that are later than 15 minutes passed their events start time will be disqualified from that event. Accommodations can be made if participants contact SLCTT (tabletennisutah@gmail.com or 801-899-9144) in advance. No refunds will be given to disqualified participants. Refunds will only be give to participants that cancel their registration 48 hours in advance of their events.
Warm up will start 30 minutes before each event (table available will be limited)