Ping pong tournament takes sport to next level

WEST VALLEY — Moving from the basement game room, interest in table tennis is growing into an organized tournament event.

Saturday, the Table Training and Events Center in West Valley held one of the largest table tennis tournaments in the state.

“We actually are very excited to introduce the sport to a range of players than make it more of an elitist sport,” said Ronald Mills, owner of the events center.

In all, 65 contestants entered. They varied in age, from the 17-and-under age group, to those nearing middle age. Men and women set their paddles against one another for the win.

The Table Training center is reaching out to high schools across the state, many of which already have club teams, and they hope to take teens further. Mills notes that scholarships are available on a college level for students who put extra effort into the sport. Next month, the Table Tennis Training and Event Center will hold a tournament only for high school students. For information, call 801-886-1415 or visit their website.