Letter From Ron Mills

To all of our table tennis friends,

Thank you for everything that you have done in supporting the development of our Utah table tennis club. Each and every one of you have contributed in a very personal way to support Utah table tennis. Contributing to this effort manifests itself in many way. You have all been generous in sharing your enthusiasm with others and in many cases your friends have joined the club as well. It has been almost 7 years since the club was formed. As most of you know, because of a change in our office arrangement, my age and my retirement goals, I have decided to transition the club to Adam and Annie. They havegenerouslystepped forward and have beenwillingto accept the personal financial responsibility and the time commitment to continue the legacy of the table tennis club in Salt Lake City. This includes signing personally, creating a personal liability on a number of levels, in order to keep the club viable and growing in Salt Lake City. Having been in their position for a number of years with our staff, I can fully appreciate their generosity and commitment to you, and total passion for the sport in this effort. My hope along with my staff would be to encourage everyone to make Adam & Annie’s job as easy as possible going forward. These are the things that I know they will appreciate from each and every one of us on a monthly basis.


  • If your cc expires, be proactive on updating Annie and Adam with the new information in order to avoid billing issues and causing collection requirements.


  • If you see a nonmember visiting the club, share with them the information on what their dues are and where to pay them.
  • Keep the club clean, pick up after yourself and do not leave anything laying around that requires others to pick up after you.
  • Be sure to show your appreciation for the other members that are going out of their way to help with the club, knowing that they are not compensated for the work they put in. Specifically people likeRainer, who is an unsung hero for the club. The club would not function if he were not involved. Thank you Rainer for all that you have done and all that you do.

Reasons why the club has been successful

  • Treating fellow members as competitors and friends and being respectful of all of our economic, cultural, various abilities and differences from which we all benefit. We enjoy the rich cultural experiences that we share with each other. This club is a rare place in our city and is very unique. Where else can you go and have this kind of experience? You know that you are welcome. No matter who you are, we share an international comradery.
  • Continue to participate in the events that are available.
  • Have fun, laugh, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Your Friends – Ron, Marsha, Jeni, Cindy & Mindy