Valentin Letelier


ValentinValentin Letelier
Born in 1997, Santiago, Chile.
His first international steps representing his country were at 12 years old, playing the VIII COPA TANGO in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He dedicated his life to table tennis from December 2013 until February 2017 when he decided to come to the USA to live with his family and study. Started coaching when helping his father to run a club in Chile, during this time he learned a lot and decided he wanted to become an official coach. Therefore, he did the international table tennis coach course in December 2016 and he has some experience training in centers in Slovenia; Thailand and China. His biggest achievement as an athlete was a 5th place in the ParaPanAmerican Games Toronto 2015. Lover of the Paralympic movement and anything that makes you question your limits.

When he was asked about his biggest achievement as coach he answered: “A coach doesn’t have achievements, athletes do.”

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